Caring for your mattress to last longer


I believe that, along with the living room couch, the bed mattress is one of the most important purchases a house. In fact, about it is where you will spend more hours throughout the day and so it is essential to be comfortable and healthy. A mattress is an expensive purchase, and when you find the right one you want to be with you forever, which is not possible because you have to change them every 10 years. So what can we do to make the mattress last longer?

1. Removes dust and mites. It may seem silly, but after years dust filtering just the sheets and can be a problem, especially for people with asthma. The solution is to pass the full power vacuum the mattress from time to time, and if it bothers you, put a cover you should also wash with some frequency.

February. Flip. This is one of the tricks that mothers and tell us which are still valid today. Ideally rotate every six months and to alternate sides and headboard and foot, to go using the entire surface equally, especially if we share it with another person sleeping different.


Three. Change your sheets weekly and wash them with hot water. This is another trick that sometimes mother happens to us when we became independent. Change of linen helps eliminate mites, and also very pleased when you walk into a freshly changed bed!

April. Purchase a good cushion. Do not go to the offers because often after a cheap price lies a mattress that can make holes in a few months, or with springs that surge at the first opportunity. Do not skimp on something then you can affect your health.

May., Do not jump on the bed. I know the temptation is great but Resist it if you want the mattress will last longer.

June. Uses a mattress on the mattress. This will improve lumbar support and will protect the mattress for longer. Yes, this option does not appeal to everyone because the feeling is different.