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Vintage, industrial and rustic in a Dutch farmhouse

Vintage, industrial and rustic in a Dutch farmhouse (10)

In this farmhouse in Holland we can admire a great combination of styles and trends. Is a mixed eclectic of elements typical of those styles decorative more in vogue. In the images of this House that can see below you

12 decoraciones con velas muy originales

12 original candle decorations (11)

12 decorations with candles very original fire continues to be a very important element for human, took him maybe registered in our genes and their domain we towered above the rest of creation. It is the most basic source of

Grey and white kitchen design ideas – trendy kitchen Interior


Grey and white kitchen design ideas can be comfortable, smooth, modern, traditional, high-tech, modern, minimalist. She can be good in some way and with a different atmosphere Why, have gray and white kitchens become popular? What makes them attractive for

The design furniture concept store we were all waiting for

The design furniture concept store we were all waiting for (10)

t he next 26th of August the ARTEIOS concept store, that we all wait, were officially open its golden doors by his inauguration. On the menu: an exhalation composition of design furniture pieces from the most famous brands of the

Decoration idea: a greenhouse in a loft!

Decoration idea a greenhouse in a loft (3)

Come with the fashion of lofts, large open living rooms are more prevalent in homes and apartments. But if the very open spaces (even completely open as in the lofts of purists see) are dreaming, focus them is just as

Nordic inspiration: exquisite Scandinavian apartment in white


It’s hardly a surprise that Scandinavian style and design are topping continuously the trends chart around the world, regardless is from everything else around them, in a constant state of flux. It is the inherent simplicity and usefulness of Scandinavian

Bedroom design: wardrobe and be place where in the modern interior design?


Modern apartment is unthinkable without the cabinets, in which style was not drawn into the Interior. Fitted wardrobes, which we were called cabinets have an obligatory attribute of a modern interior. Today, there are two types of cabinets: cabinets, which

Stylish interior: bed linen

Remarkable Bedroom Interior Decoration Wonderful Design Scheme

What do you think, what is the image that we decorate the walls of our houses – or unjustified luxury today, very detail of the Interior, that flat revived, fill it with spiritual sense? Sometimes, we get the following: completed

Update the interior journal bedrooms: harmony with nature

wooden house with pool 800x600

It’s 28 degrees at this very moment on the terrace of our loft! With search weather icing on the g ‘Castle of a House, the pool is beautiful! A must for toast and refresh home from work or to take

Modern bedroom designer tips

Elegant Bedroom Design Ideas Great Decor Ideas

Trays are an important part of the showers, although it showers or without. You can use enamel, stainless steel, ceramic or artificial stone from coated shells made of cast iron. However hardly produce iron pallets. Popular trays made of acrylic.