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Modern apartment with colorful decoration accessories

Modern apartment with colorful decoration accessories (7)

This is a small and modern apartment used as base white, highlighting accessories or furniture used in its decoration by their colourful and contrasting dyes, same that fill the space with style.

Ideas for rooms with a low ceiling

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Ideas for visual Increase low ceiling How well do you also plan an interior design, the low ceilings can spoil everything. If you live in such circumstances, do not despair yet. You can already take some so so you enlarge

Designer armchair as a challenge for modern people

Chaise-moderne-fauteuil design Designer design Fauteuil 1

About the designer chair HUG and Gabriella Asztalos The shape of the eternal spiral is based on the design of the designer armchairs HUG.The execution, however, is very individual. It appears like a moment in this spiral.This would also be

Creative interior design ideas – you turn the garage into a living space!

creative-Wohnideen-residential facility Idea Creation Tips 1

Creative interior design ideas for remodeling a garage Have you ever thought about expanding your living space through creative Wohnidee for the garage? We think that’s great! You must never reject this idea. We motivate you not only by empty

Interior design tips for beautifully decorated apartment with little effort

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Frugal Decorating tips for a beautiful apartment Have you ever seen a magazine for interior design leafed through and wanted your apartment looks exactly like this in the picture? Well, to make it happen, you do not need a lot

Wallpaper ideas for the design of the indoor and outdoor area

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Wallpaper ideas for indoor and outdoor use In recent years, the variety of wallpaper is becoming richer. The recent furniture fairs have strengthened the feeling that the wallpaper is not cede its key position in the interior. But on the

The stone wall – Looking for strong Idividualität

stone look Wall Stone Wall indoor living room furnishing ideas 7

Place a decorative stone wall as an accent in the living room Have you ever been at your neighbors to visit and has the means greatly impressed there? Few people prefer the exact “imitation or the claws of ideas” from

Walls and ceilings with panels

ceiling design panels real wood-Master 4

Find high-quality panels for your home To give an individual style your own home, there are various possibilities. For a long time, especially tiles, wallpaper and wall colors asked to bring color into the room. At present, as well as

Rustic kitchens and matching decorative items to

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Decorating Rustic Kitchen Do you have a monotonous kitchen? Do you want to convert this and decorate without exchanging anything inside? Does the current facility rustic elements? Has it the potential to develop such a character? If one or more

Rattan lounger for the garden or for the pool?

Rattan Garden ideas are sun loungers rattan 1

If you should take with you to a desert island a rattan couch … You know the funny question: “Who would you take to a desert island?”, Right? Let us extend this. If you were allowed to take a magnificent