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Practical and modern dining tables

Practical and modern dining tables (10)

If streaming mode to the dining room with new and modern furniture, you’ve come to the right place. In these cases, the best idea is to replace or just to accent through the dining table. We will try to inspire

Stylish cat beds for connoisseurs

Stylish cat beds for connoisseurs (3)

Anyone who bred cat in your home knows how many miles, cute and tender creatures they are. This is why it is good to approach them with the requisite dose of love and attention. We’re in favor of true connoisseurs

How to decorate a small house of 25 square meters


Not always find a perfect home in the middle of the city is easy, if you want to Especially Become independent and only You have to pay the rent or the mortgage of your pocket. The perfect place is to

Unique Scandinavian home with a small area

Scandinavian home with a small area (16)

Scandinavian style in interior design more convincingly as a favorite going trend. Especially sought after is the effect of it in housing with smaller sizes. For clean lines and an overwhelmingly white, this design offers additional opportunities for improvisation. To

Non-traditional Scandinavian décor with DASI elements

Scandinavian décor with DASI elements (5)

DASI style in interior design is an interesting and different course. In this style, the creative freedom is pronounced. The combination of a variety of lines, shapes, and colors makes it vivid, memorable and powerful. Will meet you with a

10 tips for decorating a small apartment

decorating a small apartment (12)

ven if you have a small living area there’s always a way to arrange the situation so as to have the best place to live. Today I’ll show you 10 fresh ideas for decorating a small apartment. Fantastic offers that

Simply decorated with turquoise highlights

Simply decorated with turquoise highlights (1)

The accents in interior design are at the core of a successful project in one place. There are many ways to stress the vision, the spaces, and forms of the premises. One of the most traditional variants is the use

3 basic factors in the choice of shower curtains


When it comes to the decorating bathroom should pay attention to many details. From the style of the tiles to the correct selection of accessories, passing through some beautiful accessories to get you out. Today, on the other hand, we

bathroom shower decoration ideas

bathroom shower decoration ideas (19)

When we think of redesigning our bathrooms, pay special attention to choosing a good finish, a chord floor, toilets, faucets and other decorative elements. However, most of the times we have in mind until the end one of these decisions

Integrated in dormitory bathrooms

Integrated in dormitory bathrooms (25)

Who have you not dreamed about having a bath in the bedroom? Functionality, comfort, and aesthetics are the great maxims of a friendly, but sometimes we wish also to other aspects that go beyond to correct design. Bathrooms en suite