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Ideas for decorating with chalkboard paint

Although it has already become a common resource, our blog decorating we like to show the appellant is using chalkboard paint to decorate walls . Although there is no need to use always covering the entire wall for children to

Decorate with Painted Paper

Continuing paragraph to decorate walls , today we want to show a most striking resort, practical and aesthetic: the wallpaper .All you need is a completely smooth (no gotelé please!) And removes impurities wall and dust for the glue grip

Spanish light in the apartment and furnishings separate environments

Victor Marti Gnozalez TC-Interiors was responsible for the interior renovation of this private apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain, demolishing all the internal walls and allowing natural light to flood the space. The building dates back to 1938, was still preserved only

The disadvantages of windows to attic


As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of

Interior designer Ben Rousseau teaches us home

Ben Rousseau Rousseau Designs specializes in lighting design, furniture and interior high end. He is a lover of lighting decor schemes. “The use of light is the best way to appreciate the forms and details of the design,” he explains.

Window Unique designs to shine brighter

From sleek and modern to cozy and romantic, there are so many possibilities beautiful windows to choose from. By choosing the right product to meet your needs for home renovation style, consider the overall atmosphere you want. Different windows let

Shelves of different materials for our books

A shelf has can be of different shapes and materials, but out of the ordinary, we could use recycled materials , so you can save some money at any home you need to have things in order, we can say

Bookcases in the decoration

For a clear space look good , it is imperative to have a good storage system, or what is the same, to get everything you need is at hand, but without disturbing sight. And although at first not too usually

Original Shelves with ropes

Today we shelves bare bones and very original to any corner of the house a very easy DIY and it is gorgeous. It is made ​​with ropes and a couple of tables. You can use any type of table you

Feng Shui Colors for an office

Apply Feng Shui in Your Office

More and more people are choosing to work from home, rather than spending hours on the road, in crowded cities. Privacy home, perhaps near the loved ones that you’re a great program, less fatigue, here are many advantages. But to