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The driftwood decoration allows for a unique and natural Sommerstimmung

Driftwood Deco Driftwood Mobel-decorating ideas-craft ideas 1

More nature at home by driftwood Deko Driftwood decoration is not only environmentally friendly. Such decoration is unique and beautiful. It is simply fascinating that home you can transfer something from nature almost without editing. Let your Driftwood decoration this

Transparent dividers

A good choice that we find in the world of decoration interior to  divide our space  and are able to make the most of the screens or room dividers, the same ones that come in different shapes, materials and colors

Interior Design Trends in 2014

Want to know the trends in interior design and decoration of this year 2014? The decor trends moves and evolves as society changes, so every year is different from before. decoration new trends appear and disappear fashions and ways to

Ideas for decorating with chalkboard paint

Although it has already become a common resource, our blog decorating we like to show the appellant is using chalkboard paint to decorate walls . Although there is no need to use always covering the entire wall for children to

Lights for a decorating lighting

Good lighting creates atmosphere and makes any room becomes warm. Good lighting can better visualize an activity, enhances the colors of the environment and moves to those who enjoy the warmth, and, when conjugated wisely, can even project a trace

Vases for what you want

The vases are containers in which we can place flowers and other items to help us beautify our stay. The decorations vases are like rooms, frame, environment has its value, but what gives real strength to your indoor setting is

Loft: a house without divisions

Abstraction Active Loft

Loft same dream, he thinks. In fact, it is not always the case and the result is impressive. Watch the video of this former industrial space in Milan’s Porta Romana neighborhood. A deposit of the first of the 900 has

Christmas decoration on facades of houses

Came the feast of Christmas and surely want to give a special touch to the facade of your house, these pictures get the inspiration you need and you can yourself (a) prepare the ornaments or else go to the nearest

Decorate walls with deer heads

If last week we told you how the deer heads are increasingly present in the projects interior design, this time we show you more ideas to decorate walls with this, even creating variants made ​​by ourselves. One option if you

What type of housing is the most sought after by students?

End of school year requires, thousands of students will leave their homes and go in search of a new home in their new adopted city. The LocService website drew a sketch of housing sought after by young people. Small areas