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Lights for a decorating lighting

Good lighting creates atmosphere and makes any room becomes warm. Good lighting can better visualize an activity, enhances the colors of the environment and moves to those who enjoy the warmth, and, when conjugated wisely, can even project a trace

Vases for what you want

The vases are containers in which we can place flowers and other items to help us beautify our stay. The decorations vases are like rooms, frame, environment has its value, but what gives real strength to your indoor setting is


As we finish the last details of the Christmas edition of Little Haus (those that never end :), I want to share with you a tremendously inspiring home. Located in Finland, is so full of light and white walls that

Save energy at home, tips for lowering energy consumption

Do you know all the tricks to save electricity in your home? There are many areas in your house that use energy that can be detected and reduced which will save you money on your monthly  energy bill payments.  

Decorate window

The emerging into the open air brings many homes a problem area: In addition to the balcony or patio door sits by architects custom usually a landscape-oriented windows on a wall-paragraph. At this window Bock failed the decorative power of

The disadvantages of windows to attic


As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of

Lamp Outdoor Game Torremato

The ‘ outside of your home looks too bare and want something that distinguishes it in an unconventional way?And if you proponessi a lamp ? That from external Torremato , the brainchild of creative designer  Christian Piccolo , is something

The Hovse:The Patio doors open this Christmas for your home

The Hovse is the new project of the communications agency pop up Better for Christmas in Madrid. The creators of ” The Apartment “and” The Patio “photo this time installed in one of the most charming neighborhoods of Madrid –

light harvesting systems

light harvesting systems

today it has very efficient resources to benefit from sunlight to illuminate work areas, even those who do not have windows. It tells collection systems daylight and reduce the insufficient electricity. Thus, with a complex system of sensors and controllers

LED Lights facade building also used to play Rubik

The Spanish artist and designer Javier Loret shows how lighting technology applied to buildings not only allow us to improve the appearance of the facade but also add a bit of fun, why a city has to be boring?. The