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Inspiration and Corners .. Learning to Decorate

These days we are giving a few laps to our social networks and searching for interesting content to tod @ s you @ s! Yesterday it fell to pinterest, and advantage that we have gotten a lot of new pins

Window Unique designs to shine brighter

From sleek and modern to cozy and romantic, there are so many possibilities beautiful windows to choose from. By choosing the right product to meet your needs for home renovation style, consider the overall atmosphere you want. Different windows let

how to create unique lighting

You can create the most amazing light fixtures in less than five minutes with a few simple home furnishings. The results will be beautiful, and ‘soft atmosphere of light fills every room of the house. These practical ideas intended to

How to light cabinets

Lighting is important in every room of the home. While this is true, one of the areas where it is most relevant is the kitchen. That is why today we will focus on the lighting in a particular room: kitchen

Opt for black color in decoration

Decorate in black is not always synonymous with cold and dreary, you can also offer an elegant and sophisticated. Depending on the use of color, you can opt for black color for outstanding room, add lighting and turn a simple

The Nordic style light fills the house

This style originated in the Scandinavian countries : Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The early twentieth century was when he was born, but today’s trend. Climatology and your situation geographical influence the characteristics of this style. They use local materials

Crystal chandeliers, elegance and good taste

Trend is the presence of glass lamps in various rooms of our home, but think of a crystal lamp can remind us that were used in previous decades. But today, have resurfaced these pieces to complete the décor in a room.

Calculate electrical power needs home

Plugging in

Consideration should be given housing surface, appliances to be used and the heating system.When electrical power to hire a home must look at several factors. First, it must take into account the number of appliances to be used simultaneously. In addition,

Creative Christmas Trees

Almost there for Christmas and from Plans and Decorating Ideas let them unconventional to assemble the Christmas tree.If, in fact the Christmas tree does not have to be the same always fir with colored balls. We can achieve very decorative

Floating lights for pools

The floating lights are a novelty and also a good idea, illuminating the outdoor pool as in this case or any indoor. Acclimate, decorate and illuminate the place giving a particularly nice.The technology they use these lights is low consumption