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Vases for what you want

The vases are containers in which we can place flowers and other items to help us beautify our stay. The decorations vases are like rooms, frame, environment has its value, but what gives real strength to your indoor setting is

Home made of recycled plastic landfill

When the goal is to reduce the accumulation of garbage in the streets recycling bottles and plastic-hard materials degrade over time, to build affordable housing, one of the best examples is provided Nevhouse, which builds houses completely recycled, now see


The chair combinesuniquely, a craft wonderful furniture with audio technology that allows the user to literally sit in the middle of a sound system. Whether the user wants to listen to some music, an audio book or even a movie,

Facebook offices in Palo Alto

Following the track to do big business in the world and their offices, today is the turn at Facebook headquarters . Today we will see the working environment to its developers at the offices of the well known social network

Christmas Around the World

Now you can imagine (and more if you have already visited other blogs WEDECO) that, how could it be otherwise, played for this post December’s “Christmas.” True, it is here, and we “invade” everywhere, however, in remaining today, we want

Ideas to decorate restaurants

How to decorate your restaurant, will be a reflection of the dishes they serve, their location and the type of image you want to portray to the diners. This issue may also be made by building type, image and local



I love this post, I love recycled furniture and crochet, if yesterday I showed a lounge with small touches today has touched a child’s bedroom, it’s not just the details that make it up but have also gotten a space

Atelier Solarshop


If you remember, we saw a while one of those stores called concept store (here) in which the continent was as important as the content. Well today we came to Belgium to see another example of commercial space, where the