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Lights for a decorating lighting

Good lighting creates atmosphere and makes any room becomes warm. Good lighting can better visualize an activity, enhances the colors of the environment and moves to those who enjoy the warmth, and, when conjugated wisely, can even project a trace

Murals, walls open to the world

The photo murals are photographic images made ​​in large formats that are typically installed, pasted on walls and walls with all the possibilities offered as elements of original and impressive decor. However, photo murals are more than large and beautiful

Flowers for your holiday decorating

For these special holidays that are about to get any better than decorate our home with flowers Christmas special. And when it comes to decorating we do not just do it on shelves or coffee tables, but also talk about

Metal cots

Among the different types of crib that we can choose for our baby, metal cribs are the option you want to address today. In the market find cribs of all sizes, styles and materials. Among all these possibilities are also

Snowboarding themed youth bedroom

The snowboarding is an extreme sport that is practiced in the snow and that appeals to young people, so also becomes a perfect theme to decorate their rooms. Of course this is a subject that makes it ideal for youth

Making original heads for the nursery

Ideas for original children’s heads, with different materials and shapes, taking into account age, children’s taste and practicality. The heads are an important part in children’s rooms, and come in all shapes, materials and models. Without forgetting that the kids

How to decorate Halloween ghost

Here is how to make a ghost to decorate Halloween . It will be a simple job of crafts that will give a personal touch to your decor .When decorating the house or home on Halloween, besides the spiders ,

Creative Christmas Trees

Almost there for Christmas and from Plans and Decorating Ideas let them unconventional to assemble the Christmas tree.If, in fact the Christmas tree does not have to be the same always fir with colored balls. We can achieve very decorative

Blue decoration for your nursery

Today I have wanted to bring  decoration blue for your baby’s room . Shortly spring approaches, and if you plan to change the decor of the room of your baby, this is a great idea.The light colors , especially for smaller

All children at the same room

If the act of decorating a house and have some complication, imagine how it must be when it comes from a large family, there are 3 or 4 kids at home and not all rooms have enough space or you