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Police themed bedroom

While the uniform of the police depends on the region in which we find ourselves, usually we associate with a deep blue color, with some lines of white, red and black. These will be the colors of basis we should

Decorate bathroom shared between girl and boy

Decorating a bathroom that is shared by a girl and a boy requires choosing a style intermediate between male and female, that is the taste of both. Find a common interest, a hobby or combines color favorites to create a

Choosing curtains for boys room

By choosing the curtains for the bedroom of the guys you have to consider the age of your child. If you are choosing a subject for a baby newborn, the curtains will at least for the first four years of

Twin Children Space Solution

Today twin beds are an option in any child’s room with endless possibilities and economic practices. If for example you have two kids and the floor is not very large, the twin beds are the perfect solution for siblings. This

Great fun for Halloween Decoration

Are you counting the days of arrival Halloween ? It is very exciting for us, no matter whether they are adults or children, you should hurry to prepare some Halloween decorations. You can make Halloween decorations for themselves or just

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

The Decoration of ROOMS FOR CHILDREN is a very fun and we are the ones we create part of the decor. Sometimes we just need to have a good IDEA for inspiration, that’s why from Home Space’ve made โ€‹โ€‹a selection

Halloween Table

Halloween, like every celebration Anglo, has a large commercial component and somewhat tacky, not surprisingly has gotten into our lives based ads, movies and windows full of nonsense. But when Halloween table decorations, everything does not have have to be

Functional Children Chandeliers

Despite the variety of children’s lighting that exist in the market (no need to make a large investment), the children’s rooms are often decorated with paper everlasting rice ball or failing with fabric-covered screens in many cases are too opaque

Pink and white bedroom

A room to fall in love! If you like the pink and white, this proposal has much to imitate.A headboard in printed fabric, colored pink, white, pastel and with attractive exotic birds.In bed, the sheets are combined with the headboard

Decorate Toothbrush Holder

I’ve seen other ideas to recycle or dispose of them use those toy animals made โ€‹โ€‹of rigid plastic. In fact, some may remember the hanger decorated with toy animals that I showed you last year. Here’s another new idea to