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Living room decor tips

Living room decor tips (3)

If you want to focus in the living room, it is important to first make a list and map of any furniture and stuff you in the living room. by with a map to work you can see how the

Office table – cool and innovatieves table design for the latest trends

burotische-burotisch-Buromobel device Ideas 1

Inspiring Designs for office desks – the latest trends Unfortunately, you can not be all summer long in vacation. But one could draw from the warm weather, good mood and enthusiasm to make their own lives better. This affects all

Rocking Chair Provides Deep Relaxation

The rocking chair is making its comeback. After he was for decades almost gone, he is in the age of burnout for refuge. His appearance has quaintly put the rocking chair. Many designers have set out to make trendy, sassy

Murals, walls open to the world

The photo murals are photographic images made ​​in large formats that are typically installed, pasted on walls and walls with all the possibilities offered as elements of original and impressive decor. However, photo murals are more than large and beautiful


The chair combinesuniquely, a craft wonderful furniture with audio technology that allows the user to literally sit in the middle of a sound system. Whether the user wants to listen to some music, an audio book or even a movie,

Facebook offices in Palo Alto

Following the track to do big business in the world and their offices, today is the turn at Facebook headquarters . Today we will see the working environment to its developers at the offices of the well known social network

Interior Trends 2014 [Infographic]

Trends in interior 2014

Important sites design and interior decoration as Impressive interior design or have developed their predictions about design trends for 2014, taking into account colors, textures, patterns and styles that have been escalating tastes of the users, but GlasstileStore is

Ideas for Christmas Environments

I like these pictures? They are a selection  of the photographer Mikkel Vang’s portfolio with Christmas atmosphere. Born in Denmark, Mikkel studied at the Danish School of Photography, I was awarded The Outstanding Achievement Award in Photography Award by the

Shelves of different materials for our books

A shelf has can be of different shapes and materials, but out of the ordinary, we could use recycled materials , so you can save some money at any home you need to have things in order, we can say

Desks with bohemian charm

Have a nice corner to work is essential to meet agusto. Enjoy the environment can be an incentive to get to hit the books or concentrate on the paperwork that lies ahead. All depends on what our tastes and personality,