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4 Scandinavian easy ornaments – yourself making ideas

bottle Ornaments

Functional, simple, beautiful: these principles of Scandinavian design ideas are suitable for your ornaments. Here are four projects ideas for your home.

Decorate window

The emerging into the open air brings many homes a problem area: In addition to the balcony or patio door sits by architects custom usually a landscape-oriented windows on a wall-paragraph. At this window Bock failed the decorative power of

Wall decorated with hangers

A coat rack by trix ! Great inspiration to harness the potential of storage walls is to decorate a front with a composition of knobs. Round models, colors and sizes, placed equidistant so as to form a grid. Definitely an

Interior Trends 2014 [Infographic]

Trends in interior 2014

Important sites design and interior decoration as Impressive interior design or have developed their predictions about design trends for 2014, taking into account colors, textures, patterns and styles that have been escalating tastes of the users, but GlasstileStore is

An Industrial Loft Style

The first house this November is a unique and stylish, housing located in Stockholm. This loft, designed by the architectural firm Israelson / Andreini Arkitektur  is one of those places where everyone takes advantage of the corners, keeping the original

Setting up your new home

So you have moved into a new house and are looking to set up. It is undeniable that the joy of moving into your new home is simply unmatched and requires a perfect fit for every part of the house.

Warm Colors for Fall

In this brand new station just going to talk about the hot flashes that make spaces more welcoming, and bring serenity and tranquility on rainy afternoons, but without losing the vitality and strength of many of them. Warm colors are

Choose the best laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is a floor that is fashionable and is increasingly used in homes, providing a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant to the touch, being a warm material. The platform or floating floor is glued or nailed to any support,

Create spectacular flower pots and planters

We tell you what kind of land you choose, what are the most suitable plants and several tricks that will be very useful to make your garden look perfect. The beauty of the planters, pots and other large containers is

Desks with bohemian charm

Have a nice corner to work is essential to meet agusto. Enjoy the environment can be an incentive to get to hit the books or concentrate on the paperwork that lies ahead. All depends on what our tastes and personality,