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The driftwood decoration allows for a unique and natural Sommerstimmung

Driftwood Deco Driftwood Mobel-decorating ideas-craft ideas 1

More nature at home by driftwood Deko Driftwood decoration is not only environmentally friendly. Such decoration is unique and beautiful. It is simply fascinating that home you can transfer something from nature almost without editing. Let your Driftwood decoration this

15 circular hot tubs with curvy lines

It may prove to be a challenge that you can create a great corner with stylish tubs for relaxation and physical therapy outdoors perfect. Are you interested in circular hot tubs for your patio? Yes! Read this publication happy to

The Most Important Furniture Trends 2014

The beginning of the year is traditionally the time of the great trade fairs. Whether home textiles and consumer goods in Frankfurt or furniture at the International Furniture Fair (IMM) in Cologne: In the major exhibition centers of Germany, the

Overwinter Potted Plants Properly

Before it freezes right the first time, most potted plants should be brought into winter quarters. Many of the exotic beauties like it never manage when it gets cold. Since different plants make very different demands on their winter quarters,

Whirlpool: appliances for the modern kitchen

a leading company in the sale of major home appliances, has introduced the novelties of elettrdomestici Built in 2013, with a “show cooking” from the suggestive title “Innovative Tradition Time to connect”. The theme “Time to connect” arises, in fact,

Save energy at home, tips for lowering energy consumption

Do you know all the tricks to save electricity in your home? There are many areas in your house that use energy that can be detected and reduced which will save you money on your monthly¬† energy bill payments.  

Lamp Outdoor Game Torremato

The ‘ outside of your home looks too bare and want something that distinguishes it in an unconventional way?And if you proponessi a lamp ? That from external Torremato , the brainchild of creative designer¬† Christian Piccolo , is something

light harvesting systems

light harvesting systems

today it has very efficient resources to benefit from sunlight to illuminate work areas, even those who do not have windows. It tells collection systems daylight and reduce the insufficient electricity. Thus, with a complex system of sensors and controllers

Wall decorated with hangers

A coat rack by trix ! Great inspiration to harness the potential of storage walls is to decorate a front with a composition of knobs. Round models, colors and sizes, placed equidistant so as to form a grid. Definitely an

An Industrial Loft Style

The first house this November is a unique and stylish, housing located in Stockholm. This loft, designed by the architectural firm Israelson / Andreini Arkitektur  is one of those places where everyone takes advantage of the corners, keeping the original