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Inspiration and Corners .. Learning to Decorate

These days we are giving a few laps to our social networks and searching for interesting content to tod @ s you @ s! Yesterday it fell to pinterest, and advantage that we have gotten a lot of new pins

Build a sports rack for your garage

Building a sports rack in your garage is a project best done when you have time to work slowly and efficiently. The job requires steps that should not be rushed, as screwing shelf brackets. Completeness is important to ensure the

Opt for black color in decoration

Decorate in black is not always synonymous with cold and dreary, you can also offer an elegant and sophisticated. Depending on the use of color, you can opt for black color for outstanding room, add lighting and turn a simple

Do not be shy: design and quality knives


We give several ideas from these kitchen essentials. From the basics, but also of specific, fun and very useful They are a fundamental part of the kitchen utensils . Although often not given the importance they have. But few things

Paint colors furniture legs

Do you have a sofa or a bed completely unremarkable to those who want to give a little grace and humor? The first idea that comes to mind is changing the upholstery or cushions placed a lot of fun but

Fabrics and dress our home

Sometimes when we go to buy a fabric, either for curtains, cushions or upholstering a chair, we are unclear. Today we will see the different types of fabrics and fibers that make up the fabric. The textiles help us to

How to maintain iron


Many indeed are the materials that are used today both for construction and for furniture, but there are some that never go out of fashion and are always very current. One of these could be iron, very ductile material used

Lilac Floors

The lilac color is very feminine, romantic inspiration and spiritual involvement. A perfect color for use in the decoration of rooms. In this blog we have presented various ideas and proposals to decorate bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens in

How to furnish small kitchen successfully

If you have not yet discovered how to furnish a small kitchen to get a greater feeling of spaciousness, join some ideas to get to do it successfully. For starters, there is a concept that is essential: colored bet, they

decorating interior with tree branches

Today you can see a variety of everyday uses elements that have been transformed to provide certain elegance in decor, such as garbage that nobody wants and discarded is reused to create items decorative for the home , however never