Ceiling Paintings

If the roof of your house needs a paint job, do not you think twice. Decidíos and do it yourself. It’s the perfect time to save some money and that, in these times, is no nonsense. The relative ease of the task allows prescindáis professionals and you dare to paint the ceiling with your own hands. In this blog we offer some tips that will surely be useful when painting the ceiling of your house, and bring you information on the most appropriate type of paint.
Repainting your ceiling is a great way of drastically changing the way your bedroom looks.


If you are considering bedroom remodeling any time in the near future, you should definitely add painting your ceiling to your list. Ceilings are often forgotten during renovation. However, changes to your ceiling can give the illusion of a larger space. Depending on the paint scheme, you can also alter the overall ambience of your room. Do you want your room to look more relaxing? Do you want to make it look more romantic and intimate? With the right paint job, these effects are easy to achieve.

Aside from altering the ambience in your bedroom, repainting your ceiling is also very affordable. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before calling the contractors. First of all, check your ceiling to see what kind of surface you are working with. You should also think about trimmings that you would like to add such as new lighting fixtures or molding on the edges. Think about the total design scheme you are going to use for the entire room. Keep in mind that the paint colors and designs you choose for your ceiling will have to complement the rest of the room or any new trimmings. Once you have decided on the details, start consulting with your contractor.

The first thing to do, if possible, the room is completely empty. This will help a lot because you can freely move you through space and also mancharéis no nothing, which greatly simplifies the work. If you can not completely empty the room, all with plastic tapad including soil.

Board Room ceiling painting

Then you need to repair any damage that has the ceiling, com or cracks, chips and remnants of moisture. Utilize some of the products available on the market for this purpose. To paint the ceiling, you should start with the corners between the ceiling and the walls, using a brush, since there is less roll. Divide the square imaginary ceiling Apply the paint with a roller, avoiding return to an area already painted. You can use a telescopic handle. You will have to apply two coats, crossing the direction of the roll.

Choose paint
There are different types of ceiling paintings, while many are prepared drip textures, which makes it easier to paint. These paintings are denser, precisely to avoid dripping, and cover in one coat, but stretch less and are more expensive.

The plastic paint is a good choice to paint the ceiling. If it’s a bathroom without ventilation, then it is better to use a specific anti-condensation paint.