Ceramic patchwork effect

The patchwork is pure trend. It is in fashion and decoration, and within the latter universe, we can find it in blankets, on cushions and other home textiles … Even web applications to create patchwork walls . But now, it goes further, and this sewing technique so far been applied in textile, begins to conquer other materials. And, what better material than ceramic, malleable and versatile, to emulate the patchwork effect?

Ceramic Patchwork restaurant

Thousand models to choose from
Thanks to its technical characteristics, ceramic wall and floor offers an infinite range of possibilities when decorating. One of them is represented in a wall, or part of it if you like, the technique of patchwork.

The tiles and the tiles are the perfect pieces to make original combinations, inspired by this technique sewing of English origin. The key is to get asymmetrical compositions, but balanced, which will result in a decorative visual effect.

Thanks to the new models of tiles decorated in patchwork style, you can get a variety of colors, decorative patterns, textures and styles. Perhaps, an important aspect when choosing the models, is maintaining a color unit. Since the designs are so varied and the mixture of motives is the essence of patchwork, agrees that the whole has a certain consistency in the colors.

Besides energize considerably spaces can have a practical use, for example, to separate areas. An example would create a patchwork cloth on the wall as a way of delimiting the visually separate dining and working area of ​​the kitchen.
Although, personally, I like patchwork effect more on the walls on the floor, can also be configured by following these fundamentals decorative pavements. In this sense, the traditional hydraulic tile floors are a clear reference style.

bath Ceramics  Patchwork

bathroom Ceramic Patchwork

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