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Outdoor Decor: Ideas for improving the outside of the house. The front of our home creates the first impression that will stay with our guests or, if you have the house for sale, our potential buyers. So it’s very important to be in excellent condition. Simple tips to improve or change the facade of a house to make a better impression.


• Change the front door of the house. The door is the first thing people will look at and even touch. The strong colors and vivid in brightness are quite popular today. If you opted for a more conservative look, black is always a safe bet. Also white, although more mess. For a more contemporary look, use colors washed, dull and matte. If budget piggy us, another way to improve the front door is investing in quality accessories. It is worth spending a little more to get really good stuff. How cheap generally looks cheap. Try to choose accessories that go with the property. For a more contemporary choose chrome or brushed aluminum. And if there are small children in the family, they will love them and their friends ringing melodies that touch children. Place next to the door in a visible place the number or the name of the house. Ceramic plates or wood can give a rustic feel, but you can also use adhesives numbers are cheaper.

• Caring outdoor lighting. Place a dot of light on either side of the main entrance gate to give symmetry with an entry porch, put a lantern. If you reach the property through a garden, also illuminate slightly. Hide the lights in the trees or dosimularlas in the garden path. You can buy solar garden lights in DIY stores ideal for illuminating a path.

• Clean the driveway to the front door. Sean steps, a path, a garage, or hallway acensor should be clean and clear, without leaves and debris. Cars, bikes and other accessories should be in place – you have to keep the road and porches become storage rooms. A freshly painted fence gives it another go abroad and access to the house.

• Change the look of the windows. The dirty windows give an air of sadness and neglect at home and should be cleaned regularly. To change the facade of the house can paint the window frames, the same color as the front door or in accordance with the color of the facade. By the way, all the curtains and blinds should be combined when viewed from the street or driveway.

• Cleaning the façade. Back to paint, go over the joints between the bricks or bricks plastered ugly. Beware the paint color should be more sensitive than in the front door and according to the time and style of the house.
• Add a little green. You do not need a big garden to plant a vine, and they have very good houses on the walls (although it is important to consult an expert as some creepers will not good for brick). The planters full of colorful plants and hedges highlight the front of a house in smaller spaces, such as on either side of the door, place pots.

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