Childrens Bedroom Curtain Fabric

In the nursery put a cheerful note in the window but without obstructing the passage of natural light. If you want to cover all the glass, the best choice is a curtain or shade of translucent fabric. If you prefer a more opaque fabric and striking, opt for a fall to the sides of the window. A very important element is also the decoration of the cotinas that go into the rooms of our children can put as tulle, different colors or just blind stamped .The curtains have several functions: filter light, privacy, support a decorative style, enhance a view Here are some designs that you will be able to serve.


The interior has (or at least should be) the basic principles of aesthetics and functionality. The idea is to exploit the characteristics of the building to give a personal touch and welcoming. For curtains, the key is to create a balance between the light and the intimate. The entry of light must be filtered by the textiles creating a soft blurred effect, more in the case of children’s bedrooms. The room of the girls has always been distinguished by the classic pink. But finally the color preferences depend on who is in the space. What must be considered is that the curtains are cakes with a texture and distribution generate joy and a relaxing feeling of spaciousness.

If you’ll use patterns, which are preferably small subjects and color shades that contrast with the background. The fabric should be thinner so that the drawings do not obstruct the natural glow. If you want something less ornate, embossed borders put on top as part of the curtains helps keep the air of coquetry that both draws the attention of the female rooms. And so the finish has more variety, you can add other shades of one color stronger.

The laces also an important part of the decor and can provide a dynamic with a few simple changes in distribution. Instead of the usual straight, just use a tape of the same material and tie to the center for a romantic finish . But if the girl is older or has a more modern style, the typical horizontal extension curtains can be changed by the roller type or the type blinds that open vertically and graduate better light to enter.


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