child’s bedroom with toys


Raise your hand if you, like me, is a nostalgic and saved some of the toys of their childhood to their children when they are born. Yes, it is possible that these toys do not shine as much or have as many buttons as we find now in stores but they have hundreds of stories and memories that come to mind we only see them. The child’s bedroom I bring you today has taken precisely the vintage toys to decorate his grandparents.

The owner of this room, Nico, had just turned two years and the parents decided to change your baby’s bedroom the other over older child. As you can see, they chose a bright blue for the walls and traveled to Ikea to buy most of the furniture we see, as the bed, the dresser and shelves.


What gives more personality to the room are just toys grandfather, we find on the shelves and walls. The board you see on these lines have made ​​special paint with slate and wood framing. As always, I put something that generate dust in a bedroom seems like a bad idea but looks good aesthetically.

For me, using vintage toys for decorating a child’s bedroom is a good idea. The problem would come if we do not let children play with them, what need is there for them to pass it bad? That itself is a success aesthetically, personality have managed to fill a few Ikea furniture with a shoestring budget. Do you guys also you keep your toys for your children?