Choose carefully crockery and table linen

Tablecloth, napkins, cups, cutlery and everything you need to set the table impeccably. Learn how to carefully choose crockery and linen.Dress up a beautiful table requires skill and imagination: it is not difficult and you do not necessarily have to use expensive dishes or silverware for the results of an effect.


The secret is in the right format and in their own creativity, good taste and attention to detail are the key to making a visibly pleasing and functional traditional  according to the rules of etiquette emphasizes the style and care of the owners towards their guests. First you need to choose the linen – tablecloth or runner – depending on the tone you want to donate your lunch. Then why in a formal occasion, you will have the foresight to choose a beautiful embroidered linen tablecloth , precious, excellent workmanship accompanied by napkins of the same material, while in the case of a casual dining, the choice will be between mats or runners, place mats or strips of linen or cotton fabric from the French taste, which define the positions of each diner, allowing the hostess to customize colors and materials in the blanks.

The ideal model for a formal dining table is round one that allows full availability of wider choice of dishes and a centerpiece richer, in addition to allowing a pleasant conversation among the guests A rectangular table requires greater attention in the allocation of places in order to prevent the diner charismatic focus on himself all the attention of the guests this conversation by excluding from further afield. For lunches casual , contemporary style, the place mat is certainly a choice that helps to create a consonant placé neat and elegant at the same time. In this case, it must take into account the status of your table, remember that glass or crystal on the mats should be avoided as a glimpse of legs and shoes of the diners at the risk of embarrassing the present.

table crockery

Dishes, glasses and cutlery in formal mise en place must be of excellent quality and choice taking into account matching the tablecloth in the room, and his greatness .In informal table setting , however, the choice of dishes can also fall out of brightly colored, themed decorations and cutlery with handles of various materials, avoiding paper towels though to match the rest of the set , more suitable for lunch among young people.