Choose the best laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is a floor that is fashionable and is increasingly used in homes, providing a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant to the touch, being a warm material.

bedroom floor

The platform or floating floor is glued or nailed to any support, but is based on an existing surface level, which is placed on a blanket made of polyethylene, PVC, geotextiles, etc.. The material is resistant to wear, stains and burns, and zest, and after housing placement may be used immediately. Also isolated from the noise and temperature, which contributes to energy savings. Comes with a factory perfect finish, so no need to varnish or need any further treatment.

There are several types of floating platforms.
Floating multilayer wood . It consists of several layers, a lower base that stabilizes the stage, two or more intermediate with water repellent treatment that are often resistant and cheap as pine, bamboo, etc.., And the top layer or trim, wood interior. The last layer should have a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm. to be stabbed, although the optimum thickness ranges between 4 and 8 mm. for sanding and varnishing several times and last longer. Is coated with 6 or 7 coats of varnish which makes it more resistant to abrasion. This stage can be confused with the parquet as it has a similar visual quality, although the platform stability is better to have multiple layer seams perpendicular intermediate layers, which causes deformation by humidity or temperature is lower.

We recommend you to purchase this product the top layer is at least 4 mm. and that intermediate and upper layers are well bonded, as this is the weakest area. One of the things deteriorate this platform is the use of high heels, which usually produce marks.

Floating laminate or synthetic . Is composed of several layers of wood derived except the last, made ​​from a synthetic compound, usually melamine resin, which is printed with a pattern imitating a preparation timber and which makes it resistant to wear, stain, etc.. The thickness of this stage is usually from 6 to 12 mm. And there is a large number of styles, colors, textures, and also marketed embossed. More resistant to warping and humidity than the last, although in kitchen and bathroom areas must use special materials. It’s harder than wood, so that holds more scratch and wearing heels. There are different grades depending on the laminate scuff resistance, the use for which will be subjected, etc.. In the market we find several classifications: AC-3, AC-4, AC-5, or Class 31, 32, 34 … We recommend AC-3 (normal use, housing), AC-4 (advanced use, commercial), and AC-5 (heavy use, bars and shopping centers).

By purchasing this equipment we must consider the anchorage zone, the weakest part as in the other type of flooring. This material may not be slash, is shorter than the previous one, but is more economical. Another feature to consider is the density of the bottom panel, the higher the density, longer life, regardless of their superior finish.



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