Christmas Animal Print Trend Decoration

Christmas is coming, the time of light, color and joy, however, your tendencies and style can not be evaded. If you’re a fan of animal print , why not include it in your holiday decor? Find out in this post how. Gone are the days when, for every occasion or event, only rigid patterns could be used for decoration, and even fashion. Today, our style is imposed and can project into the decor of your home. The animal print is one of those trends that have come strongly to our wardrobe, and by extension to the decor of our home. In this post we will show how well you can wear this seductive style in your living room or dining room for Christmas decorations.

striped_ornament _animal_print

In fact, for starters, you might. of first impression you feel that you remove the classic colorful decorating for Christmas can be, but in reality, the animal print style can give that aura of light differently, properly combining silver tone with grays, whites and blacks , which also emulate the colors of winter. Look what you can achieve with this trend:
In addition, animal print fashion is undeniably elegant, and if that’s what you’re looking for … voila! What do you expect? Sign up for this fashion and decorate your tree and your whole room with this trend!

Basic colors animal print
To decorate your Christmas room with animal print, the colors that should prevail in it are white, black, silver tones and gold. Whether in the cushions, carpets, ornaments, vases and rest of the furniture, the right combination of these colors will give the special touch we want. Based on this, a decorated Christmas to animal print, you must follow this trend.

The animal print tree
Let’s start with one of the essential accessories of Christmas decorations: the tree. According to the size of your room, you should choose the size of your tree. Things easier not only in size relative to the height of your room, because nothing will serve, such a magnificent pine 2 meters 10 cm if your room is 40 m2 for the furniture, cabinet and dining (if is living room) simply saturate the entire space. In addition, the width of these trees will eventually “eat” what little space you have left. Once you determine the right size tree for your home, choose the color. A white tree , like the one pictured above, could be an excellent choice, but one completely silver branches would also be great. The silver color is essential to give a touch of elegance and distinction to your style looking animal print.

Another color which would look great on your tree is dark green almost black pulling. This color makes an excellent contrast with other animal print colors as you can see in this photo:

The Christmas decorations for your tree should follow the patterns of animal print: choose them in black, gold, and white balls are in, in tears type ball, bells or bows. There s also colored Christmas ornaments combined like this photo below. The silver color will also go well, albeit in a silver tree could be lost when combined with the color of the branches, so I recommend you do not choose a smooth tone, but of those with special decorations, such as embossing, reliefs or scaling to achieve highlighting. White is a good color for your knickknacks, so do not forget to take this into account, and gold is a color that will fairly balance each other so that they are also valid.

The Christmas lights are an element to be considered in every tree. Now are fashionable LED type, which overheated and whose colors are subtle and beautiful. Search lights have white light to match perfectly with your decor tree.

Christmas accessories animal print
An important part of the decoration of Arbil are accessories. For example, decorate your Christmas gifts base lined with animal print colors would be great. Combine black, silver and white, either on paper and bows gift. In the present paper have many more options to find animal print designs either zebra or leopard style. You can also cover empty boxes and use them as decoration in the rest of the room, and in the comfortable or the cabinets. Metal Christmas ornaments are perfect and are in great variety: spheres, mini trees, bells, angels, santas, reindeer. These beautiful lamps are perfect retro style.


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