Christmas decoration in white

Now there is no longer a single color to define Christmas. L and fashions over the years have “imposed” almost every color variation to celebrate this festival timeless . Of course you can celebrate choosing a color that best meets our needs, nobody will be surprised as seeing a purple Christmas tree, rather than a Christmas table Set in a black.


White as emotional appeal
However, there are some colors that have always been in our tradition , and will forever remain traditional. Of course we speak of red, typical of poinsettias and holly berry, let’s talk about green, easily associated with the colors of the Christmas tree, but we can not forget the white color par excellence, elegant and refined .

We close our eyes, we think of Christmas morning, we are going to look out of the windows, it’s snowing. There is a better image to describe this Christmas, and there is no better color white to celebrate with refinement and elegance .

A white Christmas, starting from furniture
This year there are many proposals that the total white . It goes from sitting at the tables and furnishing accessories : the clean lines and ethereal color are the elements that distinguish a chic decor . Furthermore the white is able of combining with extreme ease to every furnishing solution succeeding to exalt, without ever burdening, giving extreme brightness to every room.

Furnish your home with taste and refinement choosing white
The festivals are celebrated in the family, and when you are in the family is inevitable gather around a table . To celebrate the arrival of Christmas signing a whole line inspired by the whiteness of white .

A unique piece in design, but also in functionality and careful choice of materials, is New Retro : This is a chair made ​​of poly-carbonate two-tone, fully recyclable .

The innovation of this piece of furniture is in the technology used during the construction. in fact able to patent an innovative system able to realize, with a single injection mold, the overlap of two different colors . The result obtained gives a clean line and solid at a sitting on the construction very similar to that of a model made ​​of wood. This Christmas, we suggest the solution in white, but you can have the same model in different colors .

Perfect together with the session just described is the Galaxy table . A model versatile, convenient and extendable, so that it can accommodate up to 12 diners. Unlike many tables Galaxy offers a space far too large for anyone who sits at the head table. Even in this case it is possible to have the table in different colors and materials , and also in this case we suggest the refined white version.

White flowers for an elegant Christmas
After you have opted for seat and table strictly white Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we suggest you set the table in white .It is to realize a very simple table that you play on the colors of white and green . We advise you to avoid mixing too many different shades: a refined table must first be easy .Choose a simple white tablecloth , choose also very simple white crockery .

You do not need to spend too much either, it is said that elegance is synonymous with expensive. If you want to give a special touch you can pull off those crystal glasses inherited from her grandmother that are usually in a cupboard gathering dust, what better occasion to give them a clean up and use them. Even the cutlery is not necessary that it is particularly valuable, those will be fine stainless steel .

Zara Home – Christmas
The highlight of your Christmas table will be the center of the table , always in shades of white and green, very delicate and elegant. Here you can give free rein to your imagination : use fresh flowers, made ​​of silk or varieties, golden decorations, and so good taste. Your guests will thank you.For tablecloths, glasses, plates and cutlery we recommend you to take a ride from Zara Home . If your city is not present in the store you can rely on their e-commerce site, a few days is on a particular section of the website dedicated to Christmas .


Christmas decoration in white







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