Christmas Decoration of a house Swedish

I could not resist these photos, I love christmas Swedish lacks detail to any room and keep the simplicity to give you a Christmas touch any passageway.

This house has white as the main color and style between classic vintage touches renovated, bright with very simple details, warm and with a Christmas decoration in which white and silver details are fully integrated with the rest of the decor getting and cozy effect.




 The fir simple with few embellishments so you can appreciate the elegant green and decorated entirely in silver.


 The kitchen is from Ikea, a few letters in the window and crown give it a touch of Christmas, one can appreciate the great height of the ceiling in front cupboards.


 Beautiful living room, white crochet these quilts are truly wonderful, the warmth from the candles makes it more welcoming if possible. I pointed the idea of the white house (well between us s and I have done with one)


 Black white and beige three great colors that coordinate to perfection


 And finally this vintage chair painted in mint green