Color Psychology

The colors affect our emotions. As Kandinsky said, the Color is a means of exerting direct influence upon the soul. Each colored transmits specific sensations. This is what is known as color psychology . So it is important to surround yourself with the colors that make us feel better, both in our dress as decorating our house.In advertising the Color is used to influence the mood of the consumer, to manipulate emotions and feelings appropriate to cause each product to encourage the purchase. In decoration we use color psychology to create different environments in each area of the house. Make it appear wider or narrower, more welcoming or colder.

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Color classification according to color psychology
The colors assets are the colors warm like red, yellow or orange. These colors serve to create an environment friendly and are great for decorating a room that receives little light and are cold. According to the psychology of color , the colors inspire assets sociability and conversation and provoke positive reactions and cheerful. The Colour red is associated with passion, love, blood, heat. Transmits energy, audacity and power. Accelerates the heart rate. It is a colored erotic and sexual. In restaurants it is used to increase appetite. At traffic signals to indicate danger or prohibition, as it is one of the colors that attract the most attention. Yellow conveys vitality and daring. Brings creativity and desire to work. Recommended for use to decorate offices and study rooms.

It is also ideal for painting the walls of a small room because it expands the space and use it in the hallways. Orange is associated with excitement and stimulates conversation. It is a colored cheerful although one of the colors that less people like. It is used to attract attention and as a sign of caution. It is perfect for areas of high activity.

The colors are passive colors colder, like blue, green or purple. Freshness and calm. And they are very used to decorate the bathrooms and rest areas of our house. In a room where he gives a lot of sun, if we paint the walls with colors cold, we get a sense of freshness and calm atmosphere. Also, these colors help make a room seem larger than it actually is. Green is associated with hope, luck, health, to spring, to nature. It is a colored tranquilizer. Increases memory and helps reading comprehension. Blue is a symbol of trust. Is associated with tranquility, calm, clean, well-being. It is ideal for use in bathrooms. This colored suppresses appetite, reduces breathing and relaxes our body reducing heart rate and blood pressure. The Color Purple is a color, striking exotic. Transmits wisdom and spirituality. Perfect for the guest room because it is the Color of royalty and is very elegant.

The colors neutral provide the transition between different shades. The grays, whites, beiges are relaxing and help people de-stress. They are colors that coordinate with all and never go out of style. White is the color, most commonly used in decoration . It is ideal for small spaces expand because it is a color that brings a lot of brightness.

The white stands for purity, innocence. It is associated with cleanliness and hygiene. The brown is a color, nice that helps create a cozy and elegant. Transmits comfort. The black symbolizes elegance, prestige, power. It is used in decorations contemporary and sophisticated. Although not recommended to abuse this colored .
Therefore, it is very important to choose well the colors we want to use to decorate the various areas of our home. What is your favorite color and how it affects you? Do you feel good when you wear clothes of that color or dominant in some space?
















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