column in the middle of the kitchen


Sometimes what is initially a problem can become even an advantage. For example in the case of the kitchen to the corresponding photos of this article, there was a central column significantly complicating the distribution. But by placing the island around it, is fully integrated without disturbing.

That is, if in the kitchen we have a column, but instead there is enough space available, a good solution is to think of a U-shaped distribution around a central island include the column. On the island you can put for example the cooking area and so the column does not hinder us at all and the kitchen will be comfortable and functional.


Of course, ideally, the architects had planned otherwise distribution and in the middle of the kitchen does not have any columns, allowing us to have many more options to choose from when furnishing and distributing goods. But if the column already and we can not eliminate it, find a way to integrate and hide it in the best way possible and that’s what has made ​​Laura Decoration charge of reform.

In general, when we find a column in the middle of a room, her free is absurd, because the space around it is equally doomed by it. So you better take advantage of the area in which the column is to place other furniture and leave empty space usable elsewhere.