Contemporary Lighting Style

Light up with style one room , it’s a good idea to provide a breath of fresh air apartments and contemporary homes. Besides the practical role that lighting, each piece right choices, we can add various effects to the decoration of the interior .  Designs original, innovative materials, games heights, lighting effects, variety of colors , are some alternatives that offer these pieces in a room, the lamps , which also may be located in different parts of a room to create compositions further interesting by lighting.


Choose fixtures that can be installed at different heights, or models that stand out for their design, to highlight the aesthetics of a room, and of course, offering comfort without neglecting the style. The interior lighting our homes is one of the most important aspects and qualitative the same and yet it is a fact that is usually delegated to the end of the work, without regard to the importance of good planning should be lighting our spaces.
A good interior lighting is not only getting a certain light level within the various rooms. A good interior lighting can allow us to transform each of our interior spaces and enhance its expressiveness, emphasizing lighting in those areas we want to highlight.

When designing the lighting of our homes, it is important to consider two factors, the tone light and the amount of light associated with it. Warm tones should be associated with low levels of light, a sunset has a low level of light in a clearly marked by shades warm reds and is a wonderful example of a lovely light. However, light colors are cooler be associated with large amounts of light, on a sunny day on the beach with a number of huge lighting, have a color temperature of around 6500 ° K, ie a much more cold usually we usually think of as cold, and is also be a wonderful lighting.

In this regard it would be useful to note that the color of light is measured in (K) Kelvin, is what is called the color temperature. It is divided into three categories: Warm, are the yellow and go below 3,300 K, the cold that are bright white and are between 5,000 and 6,500 K, and in between would be the neutral shades or intermediate between 3,500 and 4,100 º K . The warm light sources tend to relax and make us feel at ease, while the cold light sources tend to provoke. Always associated with the amount of light that we mentioned above.
Speaking from a decorative point of view, usually used in the ceiling recessed halogen for general lighting of homes, this is changing and increasingly appreciate the use of indirect lighting through alcoves in walls and ceilings , combined with the halogen and using a smaller number of these.

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