Contemporary loft in Amsterdam

As you know, in Decoarq lofts, we love that we never lose the opportunity of showing you homes of this type. Today, for example, we moved to Amsterdam to learn the Boemgracht Loft, a home that has been restored by the Studio Standard.

Contemporary loft in Amsterdam 1

Located in the area of Bloemgracht, this loft-style housing has 150 square meters and is situated opposite channels, that you know that they are protected by UNESCO. You like to find out more details about this project of reform and interior design? Because then you can not miss nothing of what we tell you then!

A fully open house

The home we show you today belongs to a young stockbroker. When you buy it, the House was completely covered with plaster, was very compartmentalized and had low ceilings. Therefore the study asked the opposite: a fully open house. Thus, the apartment was completely destroyed, although it retained the essence and the traditional structure.

Contemporary loft in Amsterdam


For reform, the architects used very basic materials (concrete, Oak oiled and rolled steel), contrasting with the beams of wood, plants, furniture and art pieces, resulting in a stunning contemporary loft that fits perfectly with the original character of the building.

Areas of housing

The main area of the House is the living room, which shares space with the dining room and the kitchen of stainless steel and marble. As they have since the study, after the kitchen they created a dressing room and a bathroom with two showers. Other multifunctional unit is located next to the entrance, and is home to the sauna, spa, shower and bath. The remaining part belongs to the bedroom, which is linked to the office and a bathroom. Then you leave with our gallery, where you will find more images of this loft located in Amsterdam. Do not miss it!