Cork stool for children

The cork and foam stool Toronto is a design specifically designed for children, and is presented as a novelty in the 52nd International Furniture Fair I Saloni 2013 taking place this week in Milan (Italy).  With this detachable cylindrical stool once again highlights the discrete.  It is a stool made ​​up disks stacked cork and foam cylinder resulting in a height adjustable, so that children can sit or play, designed for kindergartens, schools, libraries, or for home.

Giant Cork Stools

The stool is produced by Made Design and designed by In-Tenta, according to the principles of “Design for All”. Its morphology and materials have been selected, the way children of different ages, from toddlers who are developing their hand coordination and have fun assembling and disassembling the discs, to the oldest, I would say to adults, it is a neutral design, natural and minimalist that fits in almost any environment. Both materials (cork and foam) are 100% recyclable, free of toxic and locally sourced, and are made ​​by skilled craftsmen. What do you think of this design for New Year’s Eve? Would cause absolute sensation! A side table that can also be used as a stool, made of top quality Portuguese cork. Your name: Giant Champagne Corck Table / Stool.
Besides being an organic design, stable, durable, lightweight and resistant to outside.

It consists eva cork discs that can be stacked in different ways as a game, joined by a cord. The assembly and disassembly of JOYStool is designed to stimulate the child motor skills and can be used in recreational areas, libraries, nurseries and domestic spaces. Its main materials are cork disc-shaped foam, both 100% recyclable, non-toxic and conform to the norm “UNE-EN 71 Safety of toys” for use in toys.

taburete-Cork Stools

Toronto stool for kids

Toronto stool

Giant Cork chair