Cozy atmosphere with rustic style

Today I bring a style that is on the rise. trend for atmosphere more homey, family and country is pushing through the most modern and minimalist styles. It is apart from the straight lines and sober environments, to meet to get home with a cozy, we move to times past and field environments . The homes will be warm, natural beauty, you transmit relaxation and rest.


This decoration is suitable for housing in rural areas , in contact with nature, in which the connection between the exterior and the interior creates a unique space. Therefore, for cities is recommended only a few touches , with some pieces that evoke the style and provide us comfort of these homes.
The space should be large, with high ceilings and large windows , and that by incorporating large furniture have a carefree and comfortable environment.

The materials we use are natural wood, where we can see the veins. Another essential material for this decorative style is the stone , which will place both in vertical to the ground. Also the clay in all its endings, as the glaze, slip, untoned, etc.. The furniture must be wood and large to occupy much space. Treatment of this material will be natural, we should not use finishes that hide the seams and even let other ethyls varnishes. Its appearance is aged for which use etching techniques, special patinas for this purpose, or simply leave the untreated material.

Also married to this decorative style using pieces of iron wrought , as headboards, gates, decorative elements.
When choosing the colors we taken into account throughout the earth tones, tan, beige, some green and red . The color range is warm. If you use dark colors like terracotta, should be in large spaces with lots of natural light they do not overwhelm the room.

For fabrics we choose natural fabrics , cotton, wool, linen. The prints may be pictures, flowers or smooth. If your motives are great the use in larger pieces, such as curtains or bedspreads and if they are small on cushions or blankets for the sofa. Also the use of lace on the edges of sheets or towels to transport us home field.

The decorative elements that bring more warmth to the home are beamed wooden ceiling a large fireplace in the living room or dining room. utensils in the kitchen will be visible , pans, skimmers, pitchers will leave them on shelves or cabinets glass, so we create a more casual atmosphere, but at the same time cozy. The details made ​​with natural fibers such as wicker baskets, mats worked leather handcrafted esparto or give it a more rustic, well if we accompany it with fresh flowers or dried in everyday pieces as we wrap jars in rural atmosphere.








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