Cozy Garden or Porch

No matter if the only outdoor space with which account is a patio, a small porch or garden. Is simply to take advantage of you and today we again give you five great ideas to create an attractive, functional and comfortable that will allow you to enjoy nature in your own home.
Your porch may be the perfect place to enjoy a delicious snack outdoors. If you do not have a garden this is your best option. Pots on the floor and pendants are perfect for displaying your favorite flowers and plants and a simple table hidden under a colorful tablecloth and two chairs in a similar style create the perfect seating area without overspending.


If you have a fenced yard that have not complaining. This type of space is perfect for fusing with the home. Bet by stonemasons for your favorite plants and a large dining room set in the center to invite long dinners with friends.

Front porch designs are usually modeled after a home’s architecture – such as country, contemporary, or perhaps a Victorian style. The style of a porch should fit the architectural style of the home as much as possible. Otherwise, it will look out-of-place and not give you the curb appeal you need. But just as important, when deciding the style of porch you want, consider¬† and plan for its true purpose.

If you prefer the rustic spaces as a large wild garden to accompany the aesthetic ideal is to opt for rustic furniture. An antique chaise a little scruffy looking really great and will give you a cozy feeling to enjoy the sunset while you read your favorite book. Advantage to give a modern twist by opting for prints or pillows in contemporary colors.


We know someone who is going to demolish an existing long and narrow porch to rebuild another one. We advised them to make it wide enough to accommodate a porch swing and give ample play room for their three children. The porch can then accommodate not only their family comfortably but their kids’ friends as well! They will also potentially have space for a conversation area for adults. They are going to incorporate these ideas into a country style porch that will be approximately nine feet wide.

If you have a small space is nothing better than making it a true Zen garden. Surrounded by flowers and plants make a living simply and perfect for relaxing and simple stones and candles and pillows to enjoy the tranquility and nature. Incense will be the perfect touch as a natural carpet.
5. If you prefer to take your time in the care of the plants and not on the furniture, wrought iron pieces are your best idea. They come in all shapes and color, are very strong and durable, and all you have to worry is to find a colorful and comfortable pillows.

cozy porch

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