Crackle Technique

Do you have any furniture at home and do not know what to do with it? For in Paint without Stop going to teach you another technique to age the furniture : the crackle technique .The crackle technique is to mimic the cracks appearing in paintings by old time and try to give that same look to any furniture we have at home. It is one of the easiest finishes to make but the result is spectacular.


What do we need to make crackle technique?

ACUALUX,Metallic ACUALUX,Crackle TechniqueLija,Crackle,Shellac,Varnish bright ACUALUX, and Bitumen of Judea

How do you apply?
We chose the furniture on which we apply the crackle technique and add layers of different products.

Tip: When applying the second coat should do it in different directions to make it better.
First apply the shellac that serves as a primer to seal the wood pores and also helps us to correctly apply the other products.
Once dry, sanded the cabinet to prepare for the following layers.
We then apply the black ACUALUX underlies us and helps us to enhance the colors .
When dry give the second layer of paint with ACUALUX silver or any other color you have chosen.
We then apply the crackle , single stroke, to give the appearance of antique furniture cracked. The time of the crackle is very fast.
Once dry, apply a gloss varnish. The effect of crazing is caused by the difference in drying rate of the two components used. The base is usually painting or slow drying acrylic and is placed above the liquid crackle , fast drying. If the paint dries at the same speed no voltages are generated need to produce cracks. We can help a dryer for a faster effect. Can get different sizes depending cracks drying time. The direction of the brush strokes applied in the intermediate layer which will define the direction of the cracks.


Once complete we apply a layer of shellac to protect the furniture .
We can highlight the effect of crackle if once completed, after it has dried, about an hour, apply bitumen of Judea .
See how easy? Have you ever? If you have any tips you want to share with us write a comment below or become a fan of our Facebook page and tell us your tricks.
If on the other hand has not been clear, you can use the counter of Painting without Stop and ask any questions you have about painting and decorating . We will be happy to assist you.