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A very special gift to give this Christmas is a card that has been made ​​with our own hands. preparing for a Christmas card can be used a number of materials such as recycled, which is why each card created is original and very personalized. An expensive example is the beautiful little card for Christmas wreath, which is made ​​using Kraft cardstock as a base.

Christmas Tree card

This can be stamped a seal as background which increases its beauty, also can be used two strips of paper with which to build a strip to create a fake tie like a package. For the crown you can print a trace of a crown of the internet, which is due to hit in the middle part and stick it some details such as precious stones, small shoes can be made of felt, Christmas bears, etc. .
Every person would like to create a Christmas card with your own hands so that your recipient can feel the effort made ​​by give her a present from your heart. these cards become the perfect gift to give to a parent, as any child can do it only by taking into account some tips and decorating ideas. creating cards can carry a drawing representing Christmas as Santa Claus, not knowing where to draw you can get a template to redraw and ready.

After making the picture you can add a touch more Christmas to the card, for this you can use homemade snow that gives a dramatic touch to the whole card. If you want to help a child a few years you want to give them a present to his parents is even easier; trimmed with him an image for the cover pretty well, péguenla, and finally placed inside the child’s little hands pre-moistened with paint to be marked the little hands, paste a picture of the family and write between the two you want.
One of the greatest gifts this Christmas are opted cards, reasons for which these invade in many stores worldwide, however, why not choose to prepare the cards with our own hands, this way the person can see the we devote effort and love we have for them through this personalized card. Through the use of crafts for children will make cards the perfect gift to give to their parents, family and friends, because no matter what you spend on manufacture this will look spectacular.

To carry out this work requires scissors, hole punch, an image that reflects the Christmas and heavy paper or white sheets. The image download can be a Christmas tree, a star, a snowman or any other picture that is in tune with this date. What remains is to use the imagination, paste the image on the piece of cardboard and decorate with tempera colors and even with that accent the colors of Christmas.

Everyone is looking for options to give this Christmas, so it is common that many people end up using the manual to give something that represents effort and not just money. Creating sensational Christmas cards is a perfect gift for anyone, reasons which is one of the most optadas crafts these days. For the preparation of these cards only require a card, a drawing representing Christmas, glue and colors.

Take the piece of cardboard and glued the drawing adding touches of color to the colors or markers, then the back is written a dedication drawing some little stars to enhance the beauty of the card, and can be used with colored tape bright to glue around the contour of the card, which must be combined with the design used in the card.

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