Current House classic style

That, decor, classic style does not have to be at odds with absolute modernity is an undeniable truth. And today we have the opportunity to ratify this, thanks to the images that we will see below.


This is an exquisite home, decorated with wisdom and good taste and interior designer Raymond Chen. If anything premium in each of the environments is elegance, raised to the highest power in the living room or dining room. However, the interior is far from being outdated.

Quality materials
The living room of this house is a sign of how smart can be fully connected with today. No one can say that these environments are not modern classic. On the contrary, one of the objectives of the interior is to create elegant spaces were also contemporaries.

The result is a room that dominate the high-end materials: natural stone floors, decorative moldings in the high ceilings, furniture and textiles sober colors and unique textures, beautiful hardwoods, Italian tile … A demonstration luxury. The furniture exhibited an imposing classic style: with upholstered sofas and dark upholstery, elegant armchairs, ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces … Everything contributes to enhance the stately atmosphere that permeates the whole house.

In very special stage, the decorator introduced some elements that contrast with the prevailing classicism, bringing a wildly chic decorative. As the large low coffee table, completely covered in mirror. In the dining room, highlights the power of the great ornamental lamp, enhanced by the roof rail.