Curtains decidedly retro, why not?


Retro style, although appeals to me, I have enough respect for him, because if not done carefully can seem just old. But seeing these curtains decidedly retro I said to myself why not? Especially because they are of a retro style Nordic style, which has a special charm.

The pattern of these curtains is a classic Scandinavian design, representing leaves of different shades and colors, as drawn by hand, from a green to an autumnal red spring, through the tone on these lines, seems an ode to the few leaves enduring in the trees during the winter.


As I say, we must be careful when choosing curtains with retro styling so marked, because you may not get the desired effect. In the pictures you can see how not all combinations of colors and furnishings are adequate, especially orange, creating a little space too ornate and modern.

In any case, if you’ve been attracted to any of these curtains, know that Dunelm Mill sells in the UK, for a price that starts from about 25 euros to change. Subject also sell cushions and curtains to match.