Curtains for red décor

In terms of decoration occurs as with fashion: it is a matter of personality. Like red color strength and cheerful and passionate side? Then use it in your home! Just do not overdo it too much red can cause “indigestion”. In any case, if you decorate with shades like crimson, vermillion or cherry, we’ll help you choose curtains to be consistent with your choice.

red curtains

Choose the appropriate rooms. Red can use almost any room in the house except in bedrooms . A color so vivid and aggressive does not help at all the rest. For red tones decorated ideally apply the color to accessories or even a piece of furniture, but not to the walls. The combination of red tones on white walls is ideal and makes the room look more.  Watch the rest of the decor. Furniture to opt for a contemporary black and white color preferably. The stainless steel gray also combines perfectly with these colors .

Choose the right curtains. In choosing these two options depending on the amount of red in the room there. If you already have many elements ideally red curtains are not, as agobiarían. In that case using simple curtains whites.  If you have not used too much red in the accessories you can afford to put some curtains more “powerful” with shades of burgundy, crimson, cherry or even eggplant.


Chadwell-Red curtains



Curtains for red décor