Cushions and hand woven blankets for winter

Surely you do nice and warm like pillows, quilts, blankets, poof, all hand-woven carpets . A good choice to decorate a room or put details in the living or dining room.

personalized throw blankets

To perform this type of tissue we suggest using a little thicker needles than common. You acclimate with quilts or pillows made with
different wool, points, large eights and with different forms, from the typical square or round to elongated.

Quzás animes you also do all the puffs tissues with harmonic colors if they are to be used in the same environment. We suggest working with colors raw, roasted or in the range of grizzlies. The sands are also spectacular and perhaps combining some detail in warm colors like red or burgundy.  Such details are very well woven furniture or modern Scandinavian and will give your rooms a warm especially for cold winters.


Handwoven Cushions - autumn 


woven cushions



personalized throw blankets with picture

Spring snow blankets

hand woven blankets