Decor a farm in New York


Obviously the farm is located between skyscrapers in New York City, but in the same state as the big city a few hours north. Specifically photo farm is located in the Catskill Mountains, also known as the Catskills.

Although from the outside the building may seem pretty straightforward, inside we find a beautiful rustic structure with many old wooden beams and an environment adapted to a truly modern style. The house was designed by Architects Kimberly Peck and has been very welcoming, we’ll see.


We begin our tour of the house through the living room, on the ground floor is the entrance of the house and then everything is a unique space that is divided into several rooms, including the living room, kitchen and dining room. In the image above these lines we see the living room area, which in turn has different areas also.

On one side are the leather sofas along with other seats that make up the main gathering area after the poufs are by the fireplace in a more informal style and even the dog has its own relaxation area with floor cushion your measure.


Looking from the living room to the other side, to the left is the entrance of the house and on the right we find the dining room and kitchen. A large table and makes elongated divider between the lounge and the kitchen itself.

The most striking feature of the house is undoubtedly the structure and large wooden beams, the furniture was designed in line but certainly not as spectacular. In walls and floor has chosen shades lighter than the wood to get better feeling of space and clarity.


In the image above these lines we can see more detail of the kitchen in which the warmth of the wood contrasts with the coldness of the metal. The kitchen has furniture and back walls of the left and center island with a wonderful kind that many almost make us green with envy.

Even counting all the ground floor with natural light as it has glass doors across the front and side windows, special attention has been paid to artificial lighting. We only have to look at all different points of light that is disposed between the dining room and kitchen.

farm new york 5


We ended our tour in the bedroom, the room is on the top of the house that is lofted. It has placed the headboard in the lowest area of ​​the room, that can be a problem for tall people, but it would change the arrangement of furniture, what’s leftover space.

Simplicity is a feature throughout the house and the bedroom. Few furniture, only those needed and within a rustic but very basic. The wooden floors and lighting make reasonably cozy space, but in my opinion the whole bed and nightstands is somewhat bland, I would have chosen larger tables and wood to combine.