Decorate Bathroom for Christmas

When we say that there is no corner of the house that can not be decorated for Christmas, we’re serious. Many emphasize decorate the living room, others worry about decorating the Christmas table properly, and some people only have between the eyes the decoration of the house with Christmas lights . But in this case, we will refer to how to decorate the bathroom for Christmas , very simply and without spending much money on decorations that you will use only for a season. Pick up your towel and let’s see these Christmas decorating ideas for the bathroom.

Bathroom Christmas Ornaments

Decorate with towels and toiletries
Many will know that it is possible to decorate the bathroom with toiletries and hygiene items . You can decorate the table, placing furniture or shelving jars of bath salts, soaps and loofahs colors, all with decorative candles and Christmas spheres. No big deal, right? But certainly, if you manage a harmonious whole, the bathroom will be immersed in a warm decor and fun. They are widely used the towels to decorate bathrooms , whether the guards in sight, in a basket or drawer open. You may organize towels according to color: white towels test combined with ocher and raw, as to achieve a warm decor. Or you can decorate with green and red towels, as it is a Christmas color palette, do not you think?

Shower curtains and carpets
Do you think it’s time to change the shower curtain ? Well, before you throw it, take it for a few days and she paints on a Christmas motif using a stencil technique. It sounds and looks more difficult than it really is. You can also change the carpet in the bathroom putting some printed with a design, drawing or message that references to Christmas.
Well these are just some of the ways you have to decorate the bathroom for Christmas. Of course there is the possibility of putting together a Christmas tree in miniature and place it in a corner of the bathroom counter, or make a small holiday arrangement spheres, cones and other ornaments to place on one of the shelves to decorate the bathroom .

Even, you can even decorate the mirror frame using garlands or even a guide to holiday lights. What do you think? Do you have any other idea to decorate the bathroom?

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