Decorate family table

Decorate family table. Helpful hints and details to decorate the table for a family meal.Let’s decorate a table for meetings and meals familares. In the bottom wall where we will eat will post as detailed pictures of family members that evoke fond memories to create a good atmosphere. We can put as detailed a gift for each family member over his plate.

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Decorating a family table
Double tablecloth. On the dining table place a matching tablecloth tableware (green) and over one cubremantel white linen. The thread will also napkins to match the tablecloth.
Classic Dishes, silverware and antique glassware jugs inherited from her grandmother. The wine, red or white depending on the food, serve it in wine glasses classic.
Centerpiece floral-fruity. We will put a basket with a combination of flowers and fruits, such as daisies and apples that give color and flavor to the table. The centerpiece will mark or decoration space we have for the rest of utensils and table accessories.
The sombrita, pull the table to the patio or garden gun the program when the days get cute. And with a few details, like the lanterns, you create a happy scene and transported


* If the chairs are not enough, an option is to combine different sets and achieve original set alternating gracefully.

* To prevent a sudden wind blow napkins put a nice touch is to subject them to the dishes with classic brooches for clothes timber.

* An idea is fresh and unconventional use apples to identify the positions of each (in one of those, who knows, you avoid argument between the boys!). Paste the placard to a wire, nailed in the fruit, and voila.

* To escape the usual presentation of silverware, they can be placed in unlabeled cans for each pair to take your time to sit down to eat. Alternatively you can tie the napkins or scrap cans of genres that combine with the colors chosen to dress the table.

* Without the need to go through the florist, bouquets wild armemos crystal and other glass containers. Yes, what will surprise everyone is taken with water colored pills that are available in toy stores.

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