Decorate Living Room in Neutral Colors

Not everything in decoration must have strong colors and excess elements to generate a stylish, because often the simplicity with touches of elegance is what it takes to create a nice atmosphere, especially in the decoration of living that is a place where we spend a lot of time and must have an atmosphere that invites relaxation. That is why today we will see how to decorate the living room in neutral tones .

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Decorated in neutral tones
For interior in neutral colors ensure you place some strong touch of color to create balance, for if not to decorate the living will achieve a very flat result. Ideally, neutral colors are the protagonists and carried most of the decoration and leave some small points that you can use dark or bright colors (depending on your taste).

So to combine these colors , know that neutral colors are colors that are in the range of whites and blacks. Moreover, among the colors to decorate most used, found the beige, green, brown, blue, purple, yellow, among others. The idea of decorating the living room in neutral colors is that these tones are those that dominate the walls and furniture in order to achieve an atmosphere of calm and a larger area. decoration For this work can give a personal touch by adding some color or texture, but by less than the neutral color.

Textures and neutral interior decorations
Accessories are a great source to include some neutral interior color and prints, and textures . You can use curtains, table cloths or pads to wear contrasting colors or materials with different textures.
The furniture in this case are also considered as part of the accessories. If they are in neutral tones with colorful cushions will be a good companion. In the case of wooden furniture or leather, can be used as the complementary color dot to neutral colors rest of the room.

The boxes are a great way to add color to d├ęcor in neutral colors, as you can choose images with complementary tones to the walls to achieve the illusion of depth without adding much color to the room.
If instead you want to decorate the living sober achieving full, combines neutral tone walls with accessories in black or brown, this will give you the calm and elegance colored by the combination with the dark tone. Decorate the living room using neutral colors and watch the light environment elegance next to create a space for you to relax to the fullest.

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