Decorate Toothbrush Holder

I’ve seen other ideas to recycle or dispose of them use those toy animals made ​​of rigid plastic. In fact, some may remember the hanger decorated with toy animals that I showed you last year. Here’s another new idea to decorate with these plastic toys.


Although Parents , that’s where I found this decorative craft to recycle toys, it’s easy to say toothbrush holders with hard plastic dolls, I think it may be complicated by the rigidity of the plastic.

However, if you can cut the plastic of these toy figures with a knife, it is also possible to create these brushes toothbrush holder for children’s teeth.

The truth is that a dinosaur decorating the bathroom is very funny. But neither would be wrong to create the same craft, with any plastic animal.

The most common of these toys found plastic in the form of land animals like lions, horses or farm animals. And of course dinosaurs. But if you had to house rigid plastic animals like these, in the form of sea animals or water, could be great advantage of the relationship game to decorate the bathroom.

I encourage you to try this craft, especially if you have kids at home and a lot more if these children have a bathroom dedicated to them and only use them.And if you go out, you count me.

Decorate Toothbrush Holder