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Still do not know how to decorate the wall that you have left to go and it has become like soul? Do you spend it and really feel you look begging to put some small detail to keep you company? Do not sleep thinking of the happy empty wall? Surely you’ve thought of everything. In Decofilia we’ve proposed cover of wallpaper either striped motif or textured paint in two tones or up and down, leave it in its original state to industrial style or place a supplement such as deer heads , pictures or photos (yes, always in style, whether for kids, “cuñao” in law, the dog or the whole family).

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You probably also have thought about other options such as phosphoric paint it yellow, put a paper zebra, or load it molduritas, but never set foot on earth and does not convince you nothing.

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If this is your case and nothing I’ve seen or thought convinces you, what you need is a curious detail, with a touch of design, shooting and modern addition to decorating has added utility. Your wall is what you is crying … A watch!

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That yes, a designer watch , because there are. It may cost you some time for matching (check does not come with the default of Australia), but in this case the time itself is not important (for that we have mobile or hand watches), it essential is that the decoration of your wall is complete. You can add a composition of wood panels (one will have needles) or more different clocks. You can also choose to put the same model watch with different colors (there are up with hangers), choose watches animals, where every hour is a bug (“are the three quail o’clock”) or paint finish chalkboard the shopping list or draw faces.

Modern Decorative Wall Clock

You can also make your own designs using covered for hours and needles, or perhaps small squares to make a big clock to fill the wall. And if you are a funny day I agencies a couple of wood and two nails and put them for example at six o’clock, or coffee time, or nap, or leaving work, we go to your preferred time to “trick” the time and always live in your happy hour ;)

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Whatever your style, we leave a few photos of decoration to go taking ideas to decorate your wall. Congratulations!

Modern Wall Clock

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Decorative Wall Clocks Design Ideas,

Decorative Wall Clock

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creative and stylish wall decorating ideas

creative and stylish wall ideas

Decorate walls with clocks

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