decorate with stones around the tub


I’m the first one that loves efforts made ​​for keeping things nice in decoration, but in my opinion there are times that we touch bonitismo both absurdity. The design, appearance and aesthetics are important, but should not be at odds with the functionality that does not have to be either forgotten or background.

I guess many images we see of environments in which the beauty premium on practicality and logic, actually correspond to places that are not used or where nobody lives, but we must not be deceived by that means decorating ideas term do not make sense, like decorating with a pile of stones around the tub.


First, as the stones move your site accidentally and cross our path we can take a good shot, especially considering that it is nothing unusual in the bathroom go barefoot. There is also the issue of cleaning, you must move pieces of room to scrub around the tub and then replace them every time we touch cleaning the bathroom.

Certainly not know if any of you like both the stones to take on all the risks and sacrifices associated with I or joke. I recognize that the bathroom environment photo is singular, that is very cute, we might even say it’s a cuqui bathroom, but for me there cuqui worth if it is not comfortable and easy to use and when it does not fulfill function.