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Furnish a Zen garden is synonymous with balance. The natural elements that are part of it must be arranged in continuity. Water, stones and plants are the key points to achieve a perfect zen garden. So recreate the ‘balance for achieving calm and meditate. In fact, Zen gardens, as opposed to those in the West, they are not designed to accommodate friends, make great dinners, walking outdoors but to regenerate, so much so that each of them, furnished and designed in a particular way, it has a own function.


Those lucky enough to have a great outdoor space can devote himself to the art of gardening. Aside from the classical gardens, where we often find items like old rustic and antique stone sinks, we want to deepen the knowledge of the ‘oriental art. Everyone, by now, know what they are Zen gardens, usually conceived in the mind as small surfaces covered with sand and stones prepared, to keep at home, or large buildings of garden design that typically belong to the scenarios of the countries of the East. Well, you can make and decorate a beautiful zen garden in your own home. What you need to do is find the balance of the key elements of the art of meditation: water, stone and plants. Anything else? No, nothing else, because the Zen philosophy is based on its’ simplicity, simplicity and purity of body and environments. However, there are furnishings that can go to enhance their zen garden.

First, in a zen garden can not miss the stones, which may have five dimensions (vertical high, vertical low, arched and flat recline). Element of design perfect for any type of garden is the fountain. Those zen are characterized by their simplicity, minimal for the line, and are essential to make water, a key element of every oriental garden. If you have enough space you can opt for the pond, usually made ​​of gravel or stone. The course of the water should be neither rich nor sharp corners, but as linear as possible.

if you prefer you can add carp and aquatic plants. To enjoy the best of this relaxing atmosphere you can add benches and tables but maybe that will have to be of the wood. Finally, to give light, you can also choose zen lanterns and candles without edges.



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