Decorating Ideas for Gardens and Terraces

Spring and summer are the best times to spend time outdoors, so terraces and gardens begin to transform to accommodate increased use. We show ideas to decorate these spaces for des with the proposal that best fits your home, creating a comfortable and designed to enjoy the beautiful day.


What better to decorate a patio or deck to make it a space comfortable, so you need to include garden furniture and objects that respond to user needs to receive this environment . The variety is wide, and can choose furniture design to simple, functional pieces, with colors, finishes, shapes and very different materials, so to combine to give life to the style you like.
A versatile and ideal choice for small gardens and terraces practical and comfortable, are stackable and folding furniture, pieces that take up very little space in the blink of an eye can be saved and reused when needed. It is important to choose strong materials since these parts will generally spend much time outdoors.

Natural elements such as shrubs , trees and vines such as ivy, are perfect for creating shadow areas. If you do not have space to include any of them, other options are the parasols or awnings that create corners to guard against the sun’s rays, and where they can concentrate seating areas, outdoor dining, seats, etc..
It is essential to have a piece of land to have plants on a patio or deck, creating your own orchard. The pots and planters are allies for providing the environment with a natural touch, and are available in numerous models, there are pendants, shapes, sizes and materials, a diversity that opens a range of possibilities to decorate. Some species of climbing plants can be grown in pots, and using lattices can provide shade and freshness to a space at home.
The floor can be paved with tiles or concrete, grass natural or artificial, can create paths or roads with cement tiles, granite or wood, stone and boulder, wooden slats, even a mat or carpet kilim type could provide colorful, warmth and chill out imprint very current urban patio or terrace.


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