Decorating ideas for kitchens

As in the living room or always try to decorate and redecorate to engage our tastes in every age, the kitchens are no more than a change of grips, appliances or clock. We must dare to restore those elements remaining worn by use and even innovate in the details as we can think.


The first are the walls. A new look for our kitchen walls can completely change the perception that offers this stay. Although not win space, replacing the white tile whole life gresites, plasterboard, paper or even use tempered glass , offers a wide range to improve its appearance. Current materials have better cleaning capabilities, greater light reflection and less wear so will modernize and expand lighting our kitchen.

. Walls Once restarted, if your pocket does not allow us to renew cabinets and furniture, we can always reuse changing some elements of carpentry as shooters, repainting or placing decorative items like vinyl or new coatings Accessories are key to this : plaid , posters, clocks, vases or plants renew their style. We can even create multiple environments with a “rural” area combining pottery and esparto kitchen gadgets more modern materials such as plastics and metals.

The textile portion may also be something to consider. If you have curtains, tablecloths, dry hands, rags and other cloth items we can combine more classical form with shades such as green, white or Baseball. If we want to be groundbreaking, we can always use different ranges of colors, such as red, purple or black. The prints can also be a resource that makes our kitchen to modernize and magazine trends. And if we spun finer elements think that they can be woven , ie hook tasseled handles, fabrics in the windows of the cabinets or even mats or rugs on the floor. You just have to use my imagination!

Soil is an element of great visual weight and for this there are endless combinations and varieties of colors and materials. We have wood for kitchen, porcelain microcements and as many as we can think. We have to think about the style you want to give and the combination of soil from the rest of the house. We can opt for something contrast, if for example the furniture is white, use a slate floor. Also use matching color ranges in all elements of the kitchen, including the pavement, such as gray, white, green and sandy for example.

Another factor to consider are the accessories for kitchen. Baskets, auxiliary trolleys, the bread, the boats to save products or bars to hang utensils. We can also be groundbreaking and contrasting styles , playing with wood, metal and plastics in our kitchen to create a modern and unique style. Stick with the color combinations, wedding color ranges or separate them with style. You just have to let your imagination flow, be daring and tasteful.

Wood and stainless steel kitchen



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