Decorating Ideas for Living with Patterns

The variation of colors , textures, motifs and designs are presented as an option to decorate private rooms and any style. That is why we want to share some ideas for using combinations of prints in these environments and achieve personal and creative alternatives.  With mixtures of colors and prints can incorporate joy and vitality to any decor inside . There are a variety of options to choose from, including floral patterns, polka dots or stripes to name a few.


We find that the patterns become the protagonists of aesthetics in a room, choosing natural motifs, lines or geometric figure that highlight the furniture, floors, walls, etc.

A wise decision to achieve a harmonious and attractive look, is to use different patterns in the same room and coordinated palettes.  Flowers and stripes in neutral colors, shades of pink and lavender are ideas for creating a romantic atmosphere and delicate interiors. A mixture of cold and neutral tones such as turquoise, blue or green, with touches of beige or a range of white , is ideal for recreating an atmosphere with a seal marine, is a nod of freshness and summer to the decor of a contemporary living room .

The simplest way to introduce different patterns and colors to a space is by using decorative accessories like cushions, armchairs or sofas, carpets, curtains and lampshades, which can easily be interchanged. But these new textures and designs may be incorporated in the walls, using stencils, wallpaper or vinyl.

If the idea to decorate the room is to implement new patterns that add dynamic but without saturating, then one trick is complemented by smooth, flat colors, recharge This avoids the appearance of the room.

Choose the range of colors that you like and fits the style of the room in your house, look for options of fabrics, papers and paints to decorate it, and make fun combinations among them, that the secret to a space with style.



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Living with Patterns



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