decorating ideas with wallpaper

Then we will see different ideas for decorating with wallpaper. Do not miss them and change the decor of your home!
Usually when you use the wallpaper tends to decorate the walls of the different rooms of the house , especially bedrooms and living rooms . With the variety of models and types that exist today , it is a very decorative element in addition to use in bedrooms or living rooms, can be used to decorate other rooms or other items. Here we show decorating ideas for using wallpaper to decorate paper :


Ideas for decorating with wallpaper :
Decorate the interior of a armarioDecorar inside a closet
One option for a more immediate and personal touch is to decorate a closet inside. For this, the wallpaper is a decorative element widely used . In this work Decogarden see how wallpapering inside the cabinet and give more light and modernity.

Decorate the outside of an outside armarioDecorar cabinet
An old and dull wardrobe can become part of the protagonist stayed if we give a radical change. With some paint and painted on the outside paper , you can achieve a radical change. Do not miss this program and discover how to use wallpaper to decorate the outside of the cabinet paper.

Use ba√ĪoUtilizar painted on paper wallpaper in the bathroom
The use of painted paper in the bathroom is usually not as usual to decorate this room. Still, with different wallpapers that exist in the market , we can paper the walls and we want to give a different touch to the bath .

Emphasize a tabiqueDestacar a partition
If we have a wall in our home or if we create one for highlighting an area of the room, we can give a decorative touch if we use wallpaper. Suffice it to choose the most appropriate style and theme .

Wallpapering one cabeceroEmpapelar a headboard
Along with walls or cabinets , painted paper also can be used to paper a headboard . Do not miss this Bricomanía work and discover how a wallpaper headboard is .